A technology gives the player new features or abilities in Dungeon Overlord.

Helper Goblin says: "Technology is the second part of your quest of expansion and conquest. Without the right technologies, my lord, we will be stunted in our growth and more knowledgeable overlords may come and terrorize us! Put your warlocks to use and let us hasten to learn what there is to be learned my lord!"

Below you will find a table (that is sortable) of all of the technologies that players may research. Warlocks are the game's primary means of researching technologies. Since Research is so important, many players have a large number of Warlocks within their dungeons.

Liches can also function as a Research helper, assisting the Warlock but would not be feasible for lower level players.

Technology by MasteryEdit

Creature MasteryEdit

Technology NameCostTeaches
Creature Affinity 50Enables the control of Orcs.
Minion Binding 100+1 Goblin population in all dungeons.
Forced Labor 200Grants the ability to shock creatures, decreasing happiness but increasing efficiency.
Ways of Subterfuge 500Enables the control of Thieves.
Forces of the Dark Gods 1,000Enables the control of Dark Elves and Dark Priestesses.
Greater Minion Binding 2,500Enables the control of Ogres.
Lesser Command 4,000+5 maximum creature population in all dungeons.
Necromancy 6,000Enables the control of Ghosts.
Merciless Labor 10,000Increases the effect of Forced Labor.
Attunement with the Underworld 15,000Allows the control of Imps and Succubi.
Command 21,000+5 maximum creature population in all dungeons.
Greater Necromancy 28,000Enables the control of Wraiths.
Lessons of the Undying 36,000Enables the control of Vampires.
Unnatural Mending 45,000Increases the healing rate of all creatures by 20%.
Pact with the Underworld 55,000Enables the control of Balrogs.
Greater Command 66,000+5 maximum creature population in all dungeons.
Dark Sacrifice 78,000Enables the control of Liches.
Sinister Conversion 90,000Enables the control of Death Knights.
Alliance with the Underworld 105,000Enables the control of Arch Fiends.
Favor of the Dragon King 120,000Enables the control of Dragons.
Forgotten Lore: Creature Mastery 150,000+1 maximum creature population in all dungeons. (repeatable 10 times)

Dungeon MasteryEdit

Technology NameCostTeaches
Arcane Studies 50Reveals new technologies for research.
Mechanical Essentials 100Enables the construction of the Workshop and the Forge.
Combat Training 200Enables the construction of the Proving Ground.
Secrets of Storage 500Enables the construction of the Elements Confine.
Sentry Duty 1,000Enables the construction of the Guard Post.
Control of the Elements 2,500Enables the construction of the Alchemist's Lab.
Hellish Cooking 4,000Increases food production by 25%.
Lesser Stone Binding 6,000Increases the maximum size of each dungeon by 25 tiles.
Sanctuary of the Dark Gods 8,000Enables the construction of the Temple.
Subterfuge Construction 10,000Increases the rearm speed of traps by 25%.
No Rest for the Dead 15,000Enables the construction of the Crypt.
Dimensional Warping 21,000Enables the construction of the Portal Room.
Inescapable Confinement 28,000Enables the construction of the Prison.
Stone Binding 36,000Provides a +25 tiles artifact which you can apply to a single dungeon of choice
Principals of Battle Magic 45,000Enables the construction of the Spellcasting Chamber.
Advanced Combat Training 55,000Enables the construction of the Arena.
Rift to the Underworld 66,000Enables the construction of the Coven.
Greater Stone Binding 78,000Provides a +25 tiles artifact which you can apply to a single dungeon of choice
Master Combat Training 91,000Increases the maximum training level of all creatures by 10.
Dragonkin Requisite 105,000Enables the construction of the Dragons' Lair.
Forgotten Lore: Dungeon Mastery 120,000Increases the maximum size of each dungeon by 5 tiles. (repeatable 10 times)

Artifact MasteryEdit

Technology NameCostTeaches
Leather Boiling 50Enables the crafting of Reinforced Leather
Metalworking 100Enables the crafting of Steel Ingot.
Miner's Efficiency 200Increases the mining rate of Iron, Crystal and Gold by 25%.
Arcane Smithing 500Enables the crafting of Crystite.
Goblin Tailoring 1,000Enables the crafting of Goblin Twine.
Cold Water Smithing 2,500Enables the crafting of Cold Iron Ingot.
Rockcarver's Efficiency 4,500Increases the mining rate of primal materials by 25%.
Primal Stone Cutting 6,500Enables the crafting of Ashen Stone.
Basic Alchemical Reactions 8,500Enables the crafting of Prismatic Glass.
Jeweler's Efficiency 10,000Increases the mining rate of gemstones by 25%.
Heavy Forging 15,000Enables the crafting of Dense Iron Ingot.
Dwarven Forging 21,000Enables the crafting of True Silver Ingot.
Manaforging 28,000Enables the crafting of Mana Spark.
Advanced Miner's Efficiency 36,000Increases the mining rate of Iron, Crystal and Gold by 25%.
Volatile Alchemy 45,000Enables the crafting of Explosive Grog.
Goblin Engineering 55,000Enables the crafting of Whirling Gizmos.
Master Itemcraft 66,000Enables the crafting of master level equipment.
Advanced Rockcarver's Efficiency 78,000Increases the mining rate of primal materials by 25%.
Advanced Jeweler's Efficiency 91,000Increases the mining rate of gemstones by 25%.
Lost Knowledge of the Dwarven Forge 105,000Enables the crafting of Mithril Ingot.
Titan's Forging 120,000Enables the crafting of Adamantite Ingot.
Deep-Earth Delver's Efficiency 140,000Increases rare metal mining by 25%.
Legendary Itemcraft 160,000Enables the crafting of legendary level equipment.
Forgotten Lore: Artifact Mastery 200,000Increases the mining rates of all resources by 5%. (repeatable 10 times)

Overlord MasteryEdit

Technology NameCostTeaches
Raiding Party 50Enables the raiding of other dungeons.
Tapping into the Primal Elements 100Enables the control of the four basic primordial elements.
Underworld Control 150Enables the control of unoccupied dungeons.
Goblin Caravans 300Increases the travel speed of goblins transferring resources by 25%.
Skirmish Party 600Increases the travel speed of surveyors by 25%.
Swift Raiding Party 3,000Increases the travel speed of raiding creatures by 10%.
Geology 6,000Enables the mining of Moonstone and Ruby.
Pillage Party 10,000Enables the pillaging of other dungeons.
Unearthing of the Primal Elements 20,000Enables the mining of Dense Basalt, Deep Ochre and Quicksilver.
Swift Pillage Party 40,000Increases the travel speed of pillaging creatures by 10%.
Stonegating 70,000Allows movement through the Regional Gate.
Goblin Trade Routes 110,000Increases the carry capacity of Goblins by 25%.
Deep Earth Geology 150,000Enables the mining of Diamonds.
Overlord's Influence 200,000Increases the experience generation of 25%.
Elements of the Depths 300,000Enables the mining of Feldspar and Shallow Mantle.
Adept Stonegating 420,000Allows movement into another continent.
Magical Metal Veins 680,000Enables the mining Mithril Ore.
Abyssal Geology 900,000Enables the mining of Heart of the Earth.
Conquest Party 1,200,000Enables the control of an occupied dungeon.
Elements from the Earth's Core 1,600,000Enables the mining of Abyssal Mantle.
Mythical Metal Veins 2,000,000Enables the mining of Adamantite Ore.
Lord of the Mountain 2,400,000Allows the claiming of the Mountain Heart.
Forgotten Lore: Overlord Mastery 2,800,000Increases all Overworld travel speed by %5. (repeatable 10 times)
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