A short overview of the different Servers in Dungeon Overlord.

Classic Server Edit

The first DO-Server on Facebook. The actual Beta Server. Start date was January 4, 2011.[1]

Main differences to newer servers:

  • Maximal dungeon number is higher (20)
  • Carry capacity and resistances from certain creatures are higher
  • Settlements higher then T2 are unbalanced in rewards at the moment
  • Balancing is one of the main issues
  • Item recipes are more Primordial Earth based
  • Fewer craftable items are implemented

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World 2 Server Edit

With the opening of this server Dungeon Overlord left the beta status. Start date was November 15, 2011.[2] World 2 was renamed to Infernal Abyss with the update from February 2nd, 2012.[3]

Main difference to newer servers:

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