Safe Storage allows a player to protect a portion of stored resources or furniture from enemy looters. However, while storage limits and bonuses apply to every resource stored in a particular storage chamber, Safe Storage will only protect a fixed number of all the resources stored in a storage chamber. Until the total number of resources, traps, or furniture in a certain storage chamber falls below that room's Maximum Safe Storage capacity, any and all contents of that room may be looted by enemy raiding parties. Since a successful raid on a storage chamber will randomly select which items or resources are looted (when total resources exceed the Safe Storage limit), it becomes very important to manufacture Safe Storage improvements for each storage chamber in a dungeon.

Each storage chamber has its own independent Safe Storage value. For example, increasing the Safe Storage of the Storage Room will not add any protection to resources stored in your Elements Confine. Likewise, furniture that is stored in your Workshop is not protected by the Safe Storage value of an Alchemist's Lab. Therefore, be aware of which resources are stored in which rooms when building or improving your dungeons, and upgrade your storage chambers with Furniture that increases Safe Storage if you regularly store large quantities of resources in that storage chamber.

Storage Chambers and Safe Storage Improvements Edit

Storage Room Tavern Elements Confine
+500 Locked Cellar Dark Nook Ward of Containment
+1000 Spacious Hideaway Shifty Nook Ward of Isolation
+2000 Smuggler's Strongbox Ward of Banishment
Alchemist's Lab Forge Workshop
+1 Test Tube Rack Equipment Rack Trinket Rack
+2 Potion Rack Smith's Storage Trinket Closet
+4 Potion Dispensary Equipment Vault Trinket Vault

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