A room is a place with a special purpose and provides a special benefit to every Dungeon in Dungeon Overlord. For example, a Tavern is a place for a dungeon's inhabitants to eat and heal, a Den is a place to rest, a Mine is for harvesting resources and a Library is used for Researching technologies.

Rooms also provide you with hourly experience, on a per room basis, if their level is over 2. For a chart showing the specific amounts of all rooms see the XP page.

Cost and requirements Edit

Name Cost per tile Description Technology Requirement Room Requirement
Alchemist's Lab 200 Gold Alchemist's Lab crafts the magical items D06 Control of the Elements Library 3
Arena 2000 Gold Arenas train high-level creatures D16 Advanced Combat Training Proving Ground 5
Cave1  ??? Gold Used for baby dragons???  ???  ???
Coven 5000 Gold Covens summon high level creatures D17 Rift to the Underworld Spellcasting Chamber 4, Portal 5
Crypt 800 Gold Crypts attract undead creatures D11 No Rest for the Dead Temple 3
Den 20 Gold Orcs, Ogres, and Warlocks sleep here None None
Dragon's Lair1 10000 Gold Dragon's Lair attract dragons D20 Dragonkin Requisite Vault 5, Elements Confine 5
Elements Confine 20 Gold Confines store magical and unstable resources D04 Secrets of Storage Storage Room 3
Farm 10 Gold Grow food in the farm None None
Forge 100 Gold Craft items in the Forge D02 Mechanical Essentials Workshop 3
Guard Post 200 Gold Guard Posts help in defense D05 Sentry Duty Tavern 3
Hallway Free (1 tile) Hallway None None
Library 50 Gold Research new Technology in the Library None None
Mine 10 Gold A mine collects resources None None
Portal Room 1000 Gold Use the portal room to travel vast distances D12 Dimensional Warping Vault 4
Prison 400 Gold Prisons house guests of the dungeon D13 Inescapable Confinement Guard Post 4, Workshop 3
Proving Ground 100 Gold Creatures hone their combat skills here D03 Combat Training none
Spellcasting Chamber 3000 Gold Spellcasting Chambers train high-level magical Creatures D15 Principals of Battle Magic Proving Ground 5
Storage Room 10 Gold Store your mundane resources None Vault 2
Tavern 20 Gold Creatures eat in the Tavern. Thieves are fond of the tavern None None
Temple 150 Gold The Dark Elves commune with their Goddess in the Temple D09 Sanctuary of the Dark Gods Library 3
Vault Free
None None
Workshop 100 Gold Craft high-level items in the Workshop D02 Mechanical Essentials None

1These rooms have not yet been implemented

Rooms Requirement Tree Edit

DO Room Map

Room hit points Edit

All rooms of the same level have the same amount of hit points.

Room level Hit points
2 100
3 900
4 1600
5 2500
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