Research icon
Room Library
Technology None
Base mining time 6 per Warlock/hour
Resources n/a

Research is the basic currency for purchasing technologies. Players earn it with warlocks at a library. It drops and stacks on library tiles that don't have furniture, except for the level 2 disc that covers 2x2 tiles which counts as furniture, yet can still have research stack on it.

Current research available to be spent on technologies is displayed under the experience bar next to the book icon. Mousing over the book icon displays research rate in the current dungeon being viewed. Research accumulates at 6 research per level 1 Warlock per hour (+20% per Warlock level past 1) multiplied by any research modifiers. You can see the items and upgrades that provide research modifiers in the library article.

In order to calculate an optimal number of the research-increase and stack-increase furniture for your Library, you can use [1]. (but this works correctly only for beta world)

As of the June 14, 2012 update if there are more Warlocks available than the library can support, the rate of Research is based upon the average level of the highest level warlocks available. Previously the rate was calculated using the lowest level warlocks.

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