"Pillaging will allow your forces to destroy furniture and tiles in an enemy dungeon. A player's starter dungeon can only ever be raided, not pillaged/conquered, but expansions are up for grabs. Creature have a pillage rating (viewable by hovering over a creature portrait on the creature panel) that show how capable said creatures are at pillaging. Ogres for example are slow, but very good pillagers."

The above description was taken from DO Developer 'TechOwl' on his post: [1]

Pillage attacks can only be launched from an expansion dungeon, it is not possible to pillage from your starter dungeon.

Creatures who can Pillage


Rogue 10
Vampire 20
Ranger 20
Death Knight 25
Footman 30
Elf Wizard 40
Elf Cleric 100
Ogre 125
Balrog 200
Black Dragon Baby 200

Blue Dragon Baby

Red Dragon Baby 200
Paladin 200
Chromatic Dragon Baby 300
Arch Fiend 500
Blad Dragon 500
Blue Dragon 500
Red Dragon 500
Chromatic Dragon 1000
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