"The Overworld is where those pesky Overworld inhabitants live. So far, sire, we have only come across a smattering of elves. They seem very keen to throw themselves in front of our ogres to try to stop our attacks and raids on them, futile as it may be. We have noticed that they seem to congregate into various little towns or villages, though there are indeed a few strongholds. It appears that it is from these strongholds that the overworld leaders organize counter raids against us, again, as futile as it is.

Moving across the Overworld is much slower than it is within a mountain, however, we can manage. After all, we can only beat on the other competing overlords within our own mountain for so long."

The Overworld is a map that shows the players location in relation to everything else around them. The map is a close up view of the province the player's dungeon is located in. Players may access the Overworld after they have advanced significantly through the Vengeance Quest.

Players can click on any settlement or mountain to learn more information about them. Selected settlements will provide the player with the name of the settlement, a brief description of the settlement, and allow the player to raid or view the amount of hate the settlement has towards the player's dungeons, if any.

Players may also view the interior of a mountain by either double clicking on the mountain or by clicking the magnifying glass. This view allows the player to see the dungeons inside, which are unoccupied or owned by other players, and; if they have been surveyed, which resources are available in the selected dungeon.

Some of the options in the Overworld are the same as when managing a dungeon, however players have a couple that are only available from the Overworld map.

Ow info button The Info button functions exactly the same as the corresponding button on the dungeon management screen. Clicking this button will allow the player to see Activity Reports, Overworld Events, Battle Reports, and the Quest Log.
Ow social button Clicking the Social button allows players to access their Mailbox, the Regional Market (including the Black Market, and to ability to Post a New Sale.
Ow research button The Research button allows the player to view their Research information exactly as they would be able to on the dungeon management screen.
Ow world map button The World button allows the player to see the location of their region within their continent, as well as the relation of the other surrounding regions. The player can also view other continents and their own region layout. The player cannot view the interior of another region or continent until they have researched the appropriate technology.
Ow dungeon button Clicking the Dungeons button shows a graphical list of all the dungeons currently owned by the player. Selecting a dungeon from the list will provide the player with a quick overview of the dungeon, and allows quick access to enter the dungeon, rename the dungeon, send supplies to or from the dungeon, or abandon an expansion dungeon.

Overworld Landmarks Edit

Village Town City
Village screen Town City
Keep Fortress Citadel
Outpost Stronghold Fortress
Mountain Stonegate/Black Market Nemesis
Mountain screen Black market Nemesis
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