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Leather is a raided resource. It can be obtained by raiding enemy settlements of the Overworld, or by raiding other Overlords' (players') lairs. It is stored in the storage room. Leather costs 46 gold per unit when purchased from the black market. The daily chest may contain 500 leather.


Advanced ResourcesEdit

  • 125 are used per each Goblin Twine advanced resource crafted.

Room UpgradesEdit

  • 200 are used to upgrade Workshop room to level 3.

Furniture CraftingEdit

Creature TrainingEdit

Despite common claims otherwise, Leather is NOT actually used in any creature upgrades at all. However, both its derivative advanced resources are.

Reinforced Leather is used for the Thief, Succubus, Orc, and Ogre.

Goblin Twine is used for the Dark Elf, Ghost, and Succubus.

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