Natural Crafted
Gold Reinforced Leather
Research Steel Ingot
Food Pig Iron Ingot
Iron Crystite
Crystal Frosted Quartz
Leather Goblin Twine
Primordial Earth Cold Iron Ingot
Primordial Fire Ashen Stone
Primordial Earth Prismatic Glass
Primordial Water Dense Iron Ingot
Primordial Ice True Silver Ingot
Moonstone Mana Spark
Ruby Explosive Grog
Dense Basalt Whirling Gizmos
Deep Ochre Mithril Ingot
Quicksilver Adamantite Ingot
Shallow Mantle
Mithril Ore
Heart of the Earth
Abyssal Mantle
Adamantite Ore

Resources come in two categories, either Natural Resources or Crafted Resources. Natural Resources are Resources that don't require synthiesizing to be obtained, but are gathered by Raiding, Mining, and/or simply clicking on them. The maximum production rates per hour of each resource are capped by dungeon. Gold and Research are capped at 12,000, Food at 6,000, and all other resources at 3000 per hour. Crafted Resources are Resources that are not found naturally, but are created by synthesizing 2 or more types of Natural Resources.

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