Crafted Resources
Reinforced Leather
Steel Ingot
Pig Iron Ingot
Frosted Quartz
Goblin Twine
Cold Iron Ingot
Ashen Stone
Prismatic Glass
Dense Iron Ingot
True Silver Ingot
Mana Spark
Explosive Grog
Whirling Gizmos
Mithril Ingot
Adamantite Ingot

Crafted Resources is the second of the two types of Resources you will encounter. This type of Resource is not found naturally, but is created by synthiesizing 2 or more types of Natural Resources. Additional Technology and Rooms are required to create Crafted Resources.

Once created, Crafted Resources will automatically be stored in either your Storage Room or Elements Confine in the Dungeon where they were crafted. The amount of each that you can store at one time will be limited by the size and level of your Storage Room. They will only be available for use in the dungeon they are stored. If you want to use it in another dungeon, you will have to Transfer it.

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