• Hiihoo

    Alliance pages

    May 15, 2012 by Hiihoo

    Just thinkin is this wiki right place to write alliances... Maybe 10 biggest alliances earns own introduces...

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  • Hiihoo

    Just try blog(ing)

    May 13, 2012 by Hiihoo

    Just trying blog feature.

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  • Zegrum

    It would appear that many of the in game descriptions on research are wrong. Hellish Cooking has been updated, but Rockcarver's Efficiency is still wrong.

    Also, after looking over the wiki, my biggest pet peve has become that someone seems to believe that the base mining rate of resources is based on the mine level. To my knowledge, the mine level only provides a bonus to the rate, and doesn't change it complely.

    Mining Rate = Goblin Number * (Base Mining Rate * Research Bonus * (Mine LVL Bonus + Mine Tile Bonus + Furniture Bonus))

    Farm Rate = (Base Farming Rate * Research Bonus * (Farm LVL Bonus + Farm Tile Bonus + Furniture Bonus))

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